TCS Webex

Tcs Webex understands as Cisco webex is an on-demand software which provides online meeting, video conferencing, online conferencing and collaboration through their web portal. This program is made for their employees and giants to use it and join a meeting. All of TCS workers can use this web program know as TCS webex for the assembly, cooperation and video conferencing with their colleague from any place on earth.

About Tcs Webex

Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu created webex at 1995. Latter on it flashed into Webex although at that time it was called VideoTouch.

How to utilize tcs webex

Cisco Webex is very straightforward to use, follow the below steps to know how to use tcs webex / Cisco Webex on a different scenario.

You need to be invited by somebody, to attend a Webex meeting.

step 1. Once you got your invitation to join the webex meeting in your own email address you need to click on that link supplied on your email address
Step 2. Click on register and fill the details to attend the meeting than click submit button.
Step 3. After successful registration, you are going to find another email contain the details like a link to join the assembly in the time and date and password to join the assembly.
Open the link on your email at before the assembly time and click join button, A webex meeting program will be launched and might request that you let voice conference or not depending upon the host.
step 5. Select appropriate option according to you and you are going to be at a meeting.

Notice 1. If you want to talk during the meeting, be sure you are using proper headset device and’raise your hand’ from the window. (once you finished speaking make sure to rise down it )
Note two. If your first time attending or scheduling the meeting, a webex program will be installed in your system
To leave click on depart meeting button.

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